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Ready to become a Full-Stack Mobile Developer that can build end-to-end apps in weeks?​



Ready to become a Full-Stack Mobile Developer that can build end-to-end apps in weeks?​

After completing this course, you will:​

  • Build 2 portfolio-ready mobile apps: Instagram and Duolingo
  • Be confident in taking any mobile app from 0 to market
  • Master cross-platform mobile development for iOS and Android with React Native
  • Setup a CI/CD pipeline that will automatically build and deliver your app to the market
  • BECOME HIREABLE and start earning a 6-figure income
  • Build full-stack apps with AWS Amplify
  • Setup an Authentication system with email and social providers like Google and Facebook.
  • Design and implement complex Database Systems and GrapqhQL APIs
  • Design and Implement an activity feed system.
  • Build highly scalable, secure, and cost-effective backend systems using AWS based on the industry best practices

What will you build?​

The best way to learn a new technology is Project Based Learning. That’s why the course will focus on hands-on experience. You are going to build 2 projects.

The first project will be a Duolingo clone. By building it, you will learn and strengthen your React Native and Javascript skills. This is a great start for beginners.

With the knowledge and confidence from the first project, we will build the most in-depth, end-to-end, full-stack Instagram clone out there.

Is this course for me?​

It’s PERFECT for you if:​

You are new to cross-platform mobile development
You are already an experienced developer in other fields (web, software, front-end, backend) and want to add Mobile Development skillset under your belt
You have some experience with React Native but lack the skills of building end-to-end full-stack projects
You want to improve your backend skills like

  • cloud serverless computing with AWS
  • data modeling
  • architecture design
  • security, scalability, performance, and cost-efficiency

You are highly motivated to learn and grow as a developer and can dedicate 5-10 hours per week to the course
You learn best by building real projects

It’s NOT for you if:​

You expect a magic pill. As much as I would like, there is no way to download my knowledge and experience directly to your brain. I provide the best framework to learn full-stack mobile development, but it requires a lot of involvement from your side to follow through, implement everything in the course, and sometimes go the extra mile to understand the harder concepts
You think that you can become a developer in 1 month and build the next Facebook. Everything is possible, but don’t fool yourself and don’t let anyone else fool you that you can do it overnight. It takes time, dedication and patience.
You lack fundamentals. Even though the course is also for beginners, it still requires some coding experience and programming fundamentals. You need to at least know what is a variable, loop, function, algorithm, etc.
 You don’t have time or resources to dedicate to the course.


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