Taylor Welch – Cashflow for Consultants

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Cashflow for Consultants – Create Durable, Lasting Wealth Through Consulting
Let me show you how Taylor Welch made the jump from “Solopreneur” to ENTERPRISE: a predictable process for consistent income & steady, dependable growth capital…
Cashflow for Consultants includes:

A free entity / LLC set up, we’re covering the legal fees – all you pay are the filing fees (for a business or entity of your choice – we recommend going through the training first so you know what to name it and for what purpose to create it)
A free module on “creating corporate credit” (aka restructuring of your credit from your personal name to your business) AND a 1-hour consult I’ve already paid to secure for you; this will help you apply for actually getting the credit)
Plus, several pieces of asset protection material that I have (a) never shared anywhere before and frankly (b) do not want in the hands of every person with internet access

Here is a non-exhaustive list of benefits that comes with capital:

Better Talent & Team Retention
(which means more output, and less labor for you as the owner)
Better Products
(research, development and engineering takes time and money)
Better Marketing
(marketing is the collection & integration of DATA, collecting data costs money)
Better Clients
(it’s amazing what happens when you’re not taking clients for money, but rather, for service, passion, or upside — you can’t make this shift if you don’t have money)
Longer “Time Horizons”
(long term decisions are only possible when you aren’t crunched in the short term)

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