Chase Reiner – Fortune Bots Course Download | Instant Delivery

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Chase Reiner – Fortune Bots

Instant Delivery

What You Get IN Chase Reiner Fortune Bots :

WEEK 1:  Overview and Program Setup – Getting Started with Software, Proxies, Basic Project Setup & Overview of Steps, VPS/RDP Setup, & more.

WEEK 2: General Project Setup – Redirect Links, Call To Action Strategy

WEEK 3: What to Sell – Services & Affiliate Offers

WEEK 4: Automatic Captcha Solving, Landing Pages

WEEK 5: Sending – Scraping Websites, Keywords, and Buying Lists

WEEK 6: Landing Page Optimization, Message Optimization, Troubleshooting

WEEK 7: Filtering Auto Replies on your mailbox, Handling Opt-Outs

WEEK 8: Open Q&A and Troubleshooting


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