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The Agency Course – Start a business the right way without thousands of dollars, physical products, and 40+ hours a week?
To understand the agency business you have to understand the broader β€œonline business” industry.
When it comes to online business, there are 3 essential steps to make money:

Have a skill that people or businesses need (value)
Craft an offer and get it in front of the right audience (outreach)
Convince them to take you on (sales)

In The Agency Course, you will learn: how to run Facebook ads and create landing pages for businesses to generate them leads, powerful methods of outreach, how to structure a highly effective sales call, and how to automate tasks that would take away valuable hours out of your week.
Here’s exactly what the author covers in The Agency Course:

The overall blueprint of the business
How to setup the whole business in under 60 minutes
Choosing a niche + conducting market research
Crafting your offer + getting feedback


How to organically reach out to prospective clients
Understanding the Facebook Business Manager
Setting up the Ads
What are Retargeting Strategies and Lookalike Audiences?
How to get leads for your agency running ads

Sales + Fulfillment

How to do a Sales Call and close the right way
How to onboard your clients
How to run ads for your clients and get them leads
How to create weekly reports
Using Zapier to make your life 10x easier and save you 10x times
How to add any service you want to your offer


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