Brett Kitchen and Ethan Kap – P2 Virtual Selling Accelerator

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P2 Virtual Selling Accelerator – How to become a Virtual Selling Master in Just 5 Days!
P2 Virtual Selling Accelerator Overview
Virtual selling is no longer optional—it’s an absolute necessity.
And even if circumstances change, you’ve seen how the ability to sell and close deals virtually can give you the income, lifestyle and retirement you’ve always dreamed of.
But as we all know, selling virtually is not the same as selling face to face for a host of reasons.
Often the prospects you sell virtually haven’t seen you present for 90 minutes at a seminar.
They definitely aren’t in the confined quiet of your office…and they are most likely being distracted by whatever is going on at home.
Plus you don’t have the rapport of being face to face, or the non-verbal communication so important in selling.
That’s why—in just a few days—Ethan and I are hosting a 5-day crash course called Presuppostional Playbook (P2) Virtual Selling ACCLERATOR.
Normally, we’d push out the launch of a new program 30-60 days, but for obvious reasons, THIS CANNOT WAIT.
If you’re willing to give us 90 minutes for 5 straight days, we’ll give you everything you need to master ALL aspects of the virtual selling process, from that first appointment to getting paid.
And yes, this even includes technical training and lead generation.
Whether you’ve never made a sale virtually and are terrified by the idea… or you currently sell virtually but want to take your sales to the next level, the P2 Virtual Selling Accelerator gives you the scripts, steps, questions and even presentations we’ve used to sell virtually for the past 10 years…and it accellerates your results because you’ll get it all in just 5 days!
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